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About Us 
The Fort Belknap Planning Department's purpose is to create opportunities to improve lives of the residents of the Fort Belknap Indian Community, Montana.  Our staff includes experienced researchers, grant writers, technical assistance providers, and program administrators who enable us to offer comprehensive grant-related services.  We are driven by our goals to be the leader at helping the Fort Belknap Indian Community and Tribal Government obtain and use grant resources effectively and efficiently.
Our Goals
1)         Planning and economic development projects and infrastructure on the Fort Belknap Indian Reservation.

2)         Plan and develop grant applications to address economic and infrastructure on the Fort Belknap Indian Reservation.

3)         Respond to Economic Development Administration (EDA) scope of work and three-year planning grant.

4)         Assist Tribal programs with submitting grant applications electronically.

5)         Assist Tribal programs in responding to reporting requirements for various funding sources.
Grant Writing Services
For years, Fort Belknap Planning Department has partnered with economic development, employment and training, justice, fish and wildlife, construction, housing authority, tourism, education, health and human services, and other agencies to develop high-quality grant proposals, resulting in over $5.4 million in funded programs over the past 2 years with a 80% success rate.  While these awarded funds created 21 full time and 8 part time jobs, we are most proud of the quality of programs our Tribal Organizations have implemented using these funds to create opportunities to improve lives.